GoHop Group

About Us

The GoHop Group is a leading Irish travel company with a network of multi-brand travel businesses. We develop travel businesses opportunities in the shape of partnerships, startups and through providing fulfillment solutions and services. We have launched and acquired a range of niche travel brands while supporting other travel companies wishing to target niche market opportunities.

Experience with travel

The GoHop Group has evolved from its first brand, GoHop.ie ( that launched Ireland's first Online Flight Booking engine 1998 ), into what is today a successful network of travel brands.

We believe as a collective we are stronger. We share our combined knowledge, resources and experience across our network with the aim of giving each brand the best opportunity to flourish.

Our Approach

The GoHop Group niche brand portfolio typically offer specialist travel products. We work with people and brands that provide true expertise and offer clients a level of booking service and knowledge that is not readily available.

We understand that each brand is unique. We provide a support structure to help brands concentrate on their strengths, develop their own identity and to become profitable businesses.

We engage with brands that can benefit from our existing support and operational infrastructure that we make available enterprise level IT systems, marketing, business support and government licensing.

GoHop Group Benefits

Unrivalled Support
Collective expertise and support from one of Ireland's leading travel companies.

GoHop Group Systems and Operations
IT infrastructure of enterprise level systems, administration and accounts departments, city center office location and home working ability.

FastTrack Route to Market
Access to suppliers, provision of licensing, booking fulfilment systems, servicing solutions and marketing channels.

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